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TDS Chemical Corp., Ltd.

Company Introduction
TDS Chemical Corp., Limited, is a leading chemicals company in China, specialized in gasoline Octane booster, Octane enhancers, Cetane booster, Gasoline antiknock additive, Gasoline performance additive, Diesel cetane improver, Gasoline additive, Gasoline fuel additives, Antiknock, Antiknock-819 (A819), Antiknock-818 (A818), gasoline dope, antiknock dope, diesel dope, knock-sedative dope, MMT, CMT, Tetraethyl Lead (TEL), Ferrocene, Catocene, EVA for diesel oil. The above range of Antiknock compounds are addressing and providing to refiners the requisite octane numbers at a highly competitive cost. TDS looks forward to working with its customers in producing and supplying these key additives Full details can be obtained from us and samples will be provided.
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